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It's time to connect to your intuition. Join our community of like-hearted souls, embrace your inner mystic, and experience the freedom of intuitive living every day.


"Let me take this opportunity to express how grateful I feel for the meditations. Oft times I will use one repeatedly as one resonates with my needs...your Spirit and beauty radiated in this expression touched my soul. You truly are a messenger of peace and a calming balm. Know that my membership is a grateful gift."
~ Soul Circle Member

You know there’s something more.

You can’t quite explain it … but you can feel it.

Sometimes, you swear you can even hear it, like an inner voice guiding you toward a decision, choice or purpose you can’t quite make out clearly.

You just need a little extra light to help guide the way.

You are exactly where you need to be if you  ... feel alone on your path

...sense energy and you don't know what to do about it

...feel lost and unsure of your purpose

...want to be of service to others and you're ready to get started.


Feel Alone on Your Spiritual Path ...

Are you struggling to find the people who understand who you are? Are your values different from those around you?

Maybe you feel alone, and you don't feel comfortable exploring the "woo-woo" side of you around others who don't understand.

The spiritual path can be a solitary one. Not everyone close to you "gets it" ... and this can make life feel even lonelier.

You long to find a community that understands and can support you as you become aware of the more spiritual side of your being.

A community of light-minded souls who make you feel like you finally belong.

Are You Sensitive to the Energy of Others?

You can’t quite explain it yet … but some days, it feels as though what’s happening to someone else is happening to you.

You pick up other people's energy, and it affects you - as though someone else’s joy, pain or sadness may as well be your own.

That “sensitivity” you’re feeling isn’t imaginary. In fact, it’s been there all along. And now, you’re finally waking up to the vibration of the true you. The Divine you.

Feel Lost and Unsure of Your Purpose? ...

Do you feel there's more to life than the path you're currently on? Are your heart and soul calling you to embrace your spiritual gifts?

You know you can make a difference, you just need the tools and confidence to take that next step.


Hello, I'm Elizabeth Harper

As your intuitive soul guide, I’m here to help you discover the gifts sleeping within your soul--and introduce you to a community of healers, lightworkers, and empaths who are experiencing the same transformation as you.

Through my award-winning books, popular weekly YouTube video series, online and in-person courses, and life-changing membership, I’ve helped thousands of people like you access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success and realize their soul’s purpose.

I will support and guide you as you:

  • discover your healing and intuitive gifts while building confidence in your abilities and healing yourself first
  • realize and fulfill your life purpose and offer support as you grow into your mission as a lightworker
  • raise your vibration, access higher dimensions of energy and channel love, light and healing for the benefit of yourself and others 
  • share your inspiration and wisdom, and show you how to do this authentically, honestly and with integrity
  • forge a stronger connection with your guides and angels so that communication is easy and effortless

As Seen In...

I had no idea that I would have the transformation that I've had...

"...and really don't know where I'd be without Elizabeth's guidance. I now meditate every single day, where I did not have a meditation practice when I started.

Learning to trust my intuition and being able to share in such a safe environment has been a blessing. My self-awareness, healing, and growth have allowed me to be present in my life on a level that never would have happened without this group.

I am so confident in who I am, and appreciate the lessons and gifts from the universe every single day."

~ Kristen Dolan



I was going through a period when I needed guidance.

"I felt like I was stuck. I was a little fearful of joining Intuitive Soul Circle because I felt fear of being judged by the people in my life. But the CIRCLE is so much more than I had thought it was!

There’s so much guidance and love in this group. I feel supported. I feel like I’m in the right place with the right group of people. I needed help identifying and developing my intuitive and psychic gifts.

The guides, meditations, and live sessions are like a treasure box of goodies. Open it up and see what I intuitively need for that day. I feel like I’ve discovered new things about myself and my abilities."

~ Nur Haifa



Your Soul Guided You Here

Join Me Inside Intuitive Soul Circle,

a membership for like-hearted souls who feel pulled to connect more deeply with their intuition and wisdom, and embrace their spiritual gifts.

It's Like Netflix for the Soul!

INTUITIVE SOUL CIRCLE is a subscription-based membership with courses, meditation classes, spiritual tools, and psychic practices, PLUS an amazing community ready to welcome you into their hearts. Everything you need to live your daily life intuitively and spiritually in one place.

Inside the membership you'll:

  • Learn to understand and embrace your sensitivity as part of your spiritual awakening.  
  • Discover how to activate your psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts
  • Get support from others to help navigate the new energies, awareness and consciousness you're experiencing.
  • Be surrounded by people who understand what you're going through and can help you stay on track to realize and fulfill your Life Purpose.

This is What You Get in the Soul Circle

I've spent most of my life helping, supporting and guiding people like you. There's a wealth of information available, but knowing where to start can get confusing, and taking course after course can feel disjointed and lonely.

I created INTUITIVE SOUL CIRCLE to guide you to remember your purpose. No matter where you live, you have access to the most amazing, enlightened, and loving souls on the planet. Here's some of what's available inside the membership.

Courses at your fingertips

A library of over 30 soul-centered courses to discover, explore + expand your spiritual gifts. 

VALUE = Knowledge 

Meditations for the Soul

Over 300 meditations guiding you on powerful journeys to awaken and deepen consciousness.

VALUE = Alignment 

Easy access to Lessons

Masterclass and practice recordings from the past 5 years to support your journey as a lightworker.

VALUE = Trust 

Weekly live sessions

Learn to live intuitively while developing a spiritual practice through our bi-weekly live events.

VALUE = Confidence 

Healing with the Angels

Access a year with the Archangels to heal the soul blueprint by clearing past life + karmic blocks. 

VALUE = Healing 

Monthly Guidebooks

Create conscious awareness and increased sensitivity through spiritual + intuitive insights.

VALUE = Intuition 

Q+A with Elizabeth

 A monthly opportunity to ask Elizabeth any questions that support your life path. 

VALUE = Guidance 

Soul Support

Enlightenment for the soul includes access to healing, readings, astrological insights, and more.

VALUE = Faith 

Year of Abundance

Infinite Abundance meditations, healing, and inspiration creating a foundation for blessings. 

VALUE = Empowerment 

Soul Conversations

Member's Only Podcast with bite-sized messages, guidance, and spiritual support for the soul. 

VALUE = Enlightenment 

Birthday Gifts

Celebrate your special day with a birthday card + special message from Elizabeth.

VALUE = Love 

Global Community

An opportunity to spread your wings, meet and share your journey with other enlightened souls.


Everything on the App

Access your personal portal using any device without continually logging in with a password.

VALUE = Convenience 

Soul Circle Updates

Weekly newsletter with previous and current week happenings so you don't miss a thing. 

VALUE = Peace of mind 

"Even though I had trepidation about joining,
I'm so glad I did..."

~ Ruth Ann Horner


I was feeling stuck...

"... and looking to make a connection with my spirit guides to align with my life purpose. I was hesitant at first to spend the money on a monthly subscription but, knew it was worth it and something I appreciated spending my money on.

Since becoming a member, I have found so much confidence in my spiritual gifts and intuition. I have also felt a deeper sense of belonging being part of the group, which has opened me up to so many new experiences.

These things really helped me participate in my life and the world from a new perspective, that gave me much greater joy and happiness."

~ Tess Ward

I have regained my confidence and ability to trust.

"When I was 30ish I had a huge psychic opening but there was no guidance or understanding from anyone at that time for me - so I shut down.

I have been able to reintegrate the old experiences and regain my confidence and ability to trust.

Learning from Elizabeth has been such a kind and sweet thing. Her consistently loving and open way has been a boon to my heart and given me the courage to open myself.

Not to mention the people who I now think of as heart friends. My tribe and kindred souls! I am so grateful and heartened!! All I can say is to come and see!"

~ Charlene Therrien

Are You Ready to Align With the Divine?

You can pay $1000's for monthly access to a community like this one, I know I have, 




* Recurring monthly payment

Immediate access to:

* 30 courses

* a library of over 350 meditations

* live sessions, masterclasses, and practice recordings

* Intuitive Soul Circle app

* Weekly Live Sessions & Masterclasses

* Monthly Guidebooks to support living a heavenly life

* Member's Only podcast to support living spiritually

* Monthly Angel Healing

* BONUS an amazing community of lightworkers

* BONUS Personal video message for your birthday

* BONUS Exclusive member giveaways & discounts


2024 is an 8 Year, Take this Opportunity to Join us as we Heal Prosperity Blocks and Welcome in Infinite Abundance.

Before ISC I was bumbling along, alone

"Having loved Elizabeth’s weekly messages for quite some time, as well as having taken a couple of her online courses, I felt ISC would be a safe caring place to work more closely with Elizabeth and improve my intuition and psychic skills.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this group and to be able to learn in a safe place, guided every step of the way!

It is a chance to work closely with a wonderful spiritual teacher that will guide you to finding your best YOU!"

~ Delena Stockton

I never knew I was an empath until two years ago.

"I thought my sensitivity was a curse. When I discovered the library of spiritual topics, I couldn't believe the treasure chest available to empaths.

And to find like-minded people from all over the world you can connect with. I had hit a gold mine. This is exactly what my soul was craving.

I have grown exponentially in the last 5 months because I followed my intuition to this site and was fed. I've learned to embrace the empath gifting, how to protect my energy, and how to trust my intuition.

Elizabeth is the real deal. She sets the standard and we are not only recipients but gracious givers of the gifts we each possess."

~ Sharon Larsen


"I discovered new abilities I didn't know I had..."

~ Diana Vivas



I’m truly blessed.

"I knew instantly that I wanted to join and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’ve learned so much, but I think the main reason I joined was to have connections with like-minded souls even though at the time I didn’t quite realize that.

I’ve always felt like I have never really fitted in but joining this group has meant for the first time ever I feel like I belong and I feel less alone. I’m truly blessed to be part of it."

~ Beth Drysdale

A much welcome sisterhood of support.

"Intuitive Soul Circle allows me to explore different aspects of the human experience in a pressure-free environment where diversity of thought is welcome, while providing a much-welcome sisterhood of support.

It teaches me to be open and nonjudgemental while understanding the wonderful and varied way of understanding reality."

~ Ingrid Pfeiffer 

It is my go-to place when I have a few minutes to myself.

"I have been following Elizabeth since 2015. I had lost my daughter and my husband the year before and my Father was in hospice with lung cancer. I had just started my Reiki journey which led me to explore many more things.

Elizabeth seemed to fit my needs then as she does now 5 years later. She has guided me to find myself, past lives to heal, my guides and Angels and so much more. I do not have as much time as I would like to spend on the chats, etc but it is my go-to place when I have a few minutes to myself.

I explore other sites but always come back to her soothing voice and her wonderful laugh, as well as her inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. I would encourage anyone to start here. You may wander but you will always return to this warm, loving home.."

~ Kathy Nissen


I joined because I knew how amazing Elizabeth is...

"...and how simply she can deliver complex information. I was hoping to gain more information on how to heal and utilize my spiritual gifts, but I have gained much more.

Elizabeth is an incredible soul with the biggest purest heart and I thank the Universe for meeting her! The knowledge she shares is unique and extremely helpful! Elizabeth you are my angel on Earth!"

~ Lydia Majchrzak


Are you ready to join your Soul Group?

⭐️ Your monthly payment of $47 works out at just under $1.55 per day, less than a daily cup of coffee - and probably better for you!  Join for the year and you'll not only get 2 months FREE you'll also receive a PERSONAL ANGEL MESSAGE video from Elizabeth.


Who is this for?

If you've been feeling alone on your spiritual journey and you're seeking connection with others just like you, looking for a way to embrace your spirituality and awaken your spiritual gifts on a regular basis, but you haven't found a place where you can meet and connect with a tribe that you vibe with, then...

The Soul Circle is the Answer to Your Heart's Desires

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s OK. No previous experience is required. I'm here to gently guide and remind you of all those things that right now seem beyond your understanding and yet within your being they're so familiar. Plus you will join an amazing group of like-hearted souls who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with open hearts ready to nurture and support you. 

Registration opens once or twice a year so make sure you're on the email list to get updates when the doors open again. Our advice to you is if your soul has guided you here then get in now before the price increases.

You can expect monthly study with guides or masterclasses focused on intuitive, psychic, healing, and spiritual development. Exclusive astrological forecasts with an opportunity to have your personal natal chart highlighted, weekly live meditations to help you connect with the wisdom of your soul, plus a mix of live Q & A support, healing sessions, prayer circles, group work, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Practice sessions, member offerings, mediumship sessions, and more. Included is a private Facebook Group filled with love and devotion to service. This is a growing community, so the needs of the group mold the events and offerings. As part of the group, your voice is heard. If there's something you want to learn then just let us know.

This is a digital membership with all content immediately accessible. If within 48 hours of joining you decide that Intuitive Soul Circle doesn't resonate with you then just let us know and we will refund your payment minus the 10% charge to cover the payment processor. You can cancel your membership at any time.

YES! As soon as you join you'll receive a login to the devoted website, you'll find a calendar with scheduled events, plus you'll receive a weekly newsletter with links to upcoming events, and access to the BONUS Facebook group. 

Everything is recorded and available in the member's area of the exclusive Intuitive Soul Circle website. You won't miss anything.

You get the opportunity to interact with people like you who are also on a journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It's a wonderful space to share stories, offer support, meet new friends, and have personal access to Elizabeth’s wisdom and knowledge through Facebook lives and regular postings. You can ask questions and receive support from the experience and guidance of our amazing community.

The price you join at will be locked in for as long as you're a consistent member of Intuitive Soul Circle. If you leave and then decide to return you would join at whatever the current membership investment is. Membership opens a couple of times a year, so you can return when registration opens up again.

You pay a monthly or yearly fee to be part of an educational community that will support the enlightenment of your soul and further spiritual advancement.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your Intuitive Soul Circle log in page link and password. You’ll also receive a “Welcome” email from Elizabeth. Then every week you'll receive an email update or you can check the member's area for calendar updates. We suggest you take a look around the member's area to familiarize yourself with everything available to you and then join the exclusive Intuitive Soul Circle Facebook group. We're waiting to welcome you into our community.

Email us here or use the chatbox, we'll get back to you within 48 hours, but usually less.

💖 Some Circle Love

Here's what some of our lovely members shared about why they joined and what they've experienced inside Intuitive Soul Circle.

YES! I'm Ready to Connect With People Like Me!

⭐️ Join for the year to save $94 AND receive a PERSONAL ANGEL MESSAGE video from Elizabeth.

Join Our Circle



* Recurring monthly payment

Immediate access to:

*Everything in the Soul Circle

* BONUS an amazing community of lightworkers

* BONUS Personal video message for your birthday

* BONUS Exclusive member giveaways & discounts


💖 More Soul Circle Love

*Special thanks to our beautiful Intuitive Soul Circle community for sharing your love.*

"Inexpensive, new experiences every week. Rewarding, insightful and productive. Be prepared to learn a lot and a view of different perspectives. I have a lot to learn but have fun doing it!"
~ Alesia Johnson

"If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, about spirituality, and belong to a great community with a very caring and wonderful mentor, you have to join Intuitive Soul Circle"
~ Vanessa Carrasquel

"Before I started Intuitive Soul Circle, I had a lot of questions.The membership let me listen to what all the other members have to say, with their experience. Now, I have a better understanding of what I’ve been seeing, feeling, hearing, and tasting. I knew I needed some kind of direction, help with my path. Little did I know I was going to get tons of direction with Elizabeth Harper and the wonderful people that follow her."
~ Elizabeth Alotta

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